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  • Mia Austin-Scoggins

    Mia Austin-Scoggins

  • Ismail Mebsout

    Ismail Mebsout

    Data Scientist and an active blogger from Paris. Visit my website www.ismailmebsout.com

  • Sergio Nuan

    Sergio Nuan

    Tech and Science. Enterpreneur . Mechanical Engineer and Youtube creator https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG9W3jMXgM9NemVJMQcBWNw

  • Jacia Ebubechi

    Jacia Ebubechi

    Jovial writer and a biostatistics enthusiast. Open to criticism. send me messages via my email: jaciaebubechi@gmail.com

  • CJ Evans

    CJ Evans

    Medical practitioner, traveler and explorer.

  • Eric Fuller

    Eric Fuller

    Consultant to the entertainment industry. Author: Forbes.com. Fan of travel, food, theater & music. Teller of Dad jokes. Eric@FullerFacts.com @ericsfuller

  • Nathan Weatherly

    Nathan Weatherly

    High School Student | Machine Learning | Mathematics | Statistics | Reinforcement Learning | Data Science

  • Devia Surti

    Devia Surti

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